If you're looking to put carpet in your kid's room, not all options are created equal. After all, there are few places that can get dirty more quickly than a kid's bedroom floor.

But if you're committed to the idea, you're going to need some help. Here are 4 kids' room carpet ideas that will get the job done.

What to Look For in Kids' Room Carpet

Before diving into the options, you need to know a few things. First and foremost, you need to be aware of what you're looking for in a carpet. Is it durability, longevity, or something else?

Depending on your needs, different carpets will work better than others. The primary thing we'll be looking at with these options is the different fibers and their pros and cons.

With that, let's jump into your fiber options.

Branded Nylon

The first thing you're probably asking yourself is why it needs to be branded nylon. While it might seem like there couldn't be much of a difference between branded and generic nylon carpet, there really can be.

One of nylon carpet's biggest benefits for use in a kid's room is its stain resistance. While some generics do an ok job at this, going with bigger trusted brands will generally yield you better results in this department.

Nylon carpet is also durable. If you're looking for something that will last long after your little ones aren't so little anymore, nylon is a great choice.


Triexta is a newcomer on the carpet scene. Debuting in 2009, it's been touted as nylon's successor, but is this true?

It's hard to make a direct comparison between fiber types since there are various qualities available across all types, but Triexta of a comparable quality does indeed appear to perform on equal footing with its nylon brethren when it comes to durability.

In terms of stain resistance, it has nylon beat. While nylon needs to be treated to become stain resistant, Triexta is naturally built to resist stains. When dealing with kids, this is a big selling point.

Triexta is also a bit more affordable than nylon, so that's well worth considering.


Polyester is a prime candidate for kids' room carpet for several reasons. For one, it's incredibly stain-resistant to just about everything but oils.

Apart from that, it also comes in a variety of bright colors. This makes it perfect for livening up a young one's living and play space.

Best of all, it's very affordable. Even though it's not super durable, replacing it is inexpensive and easy, and can be replaced once the kids get a bit older.


Finally, there's olefin. This fiber is comparable to polyester in most respects. It's stain resistant, low maintenance, and super affordable.

In fact, it's the most affordable option on this list. If you're looking for a carpet that will just get you through the messiest years of your kid's life, this is the one to go with.

While it's not fancy, functionality should be at the top of your list anyway.

What's the verdict?

At the end of the day, you're the only one who can know what you want out of a kids' room carpet. Be it durability or affordability, there are options for everyone.

Now that you're armed with some info, it's time to tackle the task of actually getting some carpet. Look no further for excellent deals that will have your kid's room feeling like home in no time!

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