What's so great about luxury vinyl tile?

Until recently, luxury vinyl tile has been somewhat hidden from the average consumer, while commercial designers have been taking huge advantage of the benefits of LVT.
LVT is different than other vinyl goods in the way it's manufactured and in its overall aesthetics. It can precisely replicate the character, graining and look of real hardwood. You can also buy textured "stone" tiles that look incredibly similar to the real thing.
So now the question is, when commercial designers can have any flooring they want, why do they choose LVT?
Features and benefits:
  • A new process called photogravure is used to create remarkably realistic 3-D photo replication of natural materials. It's a fake done so well that even trained eyes can't tell the difference.
  • It's a fraction of the price of real hardwood or stone.
  • Products that are made from 100% vinyl material can boast Green building standards and can be eligible for LEED points in commercial applications.
  • LVT meets safety requirements for flammability, slip resistance and many other safety codes.
  • It's easy to maintain by simply damp mopping it.
  • It's water resistant, built in. As long as there's no water seepage beneath the floor, it's easy to clean up spills from above.
  • The most common thickness is 20 mil, which includes specialized wear layers that are scuff, dent, scratch and stain resistant. Coatings on the top layer serve to enhance the durability.
  • In fact, in terms of durability, LVT may be overqualified for residential use, handling high-traffic areas easily. It's made to withstand commercial wear and tear, plus it usually comes with excellent warranties.
  • There is an huge selection of sizes, shapes and styles. From distressed wood, to tactile slate, to woven textiles, beautiful realism is embedded into the product and there is a large variety of options available.

It's definitely worth looking into as a flooring option. LVT has enough advantages to merit your consideration when choosing new floors for your home. Be sure to ask one of our flooring consultants to show you what we have in store at Floors Now!
Contributed by Stephanie Gilchrist.

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