Floors Now offers several pet-friendly flooring options that will ensure your home looks its best at any given time. We believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the style and quality of your floors for function. There are many styles of flooring that are great options as they are durable, resistant to moisture and scratches, and easy to clean. And if it’s stain-resistant, allergen-free, and resists trapping odors—all the better! Not to mention that the ideal floor needs to be warm and comfortable underfoot—or under-belly, as the case may be.

If you came here shopping for pet friendly flooring, know that you’ve landed among friends. We know that most pet owners think of their pets as family members, and we're no exception! We're locally owned and operated by people with multiple-pet households, so we truly understand the depth of love that's possible to have for animal companions. We know how important it is to create a home that meets the needs of the entire family—pets included!

One question that is commonly asked of us from dog owners is, "What is the best flooring for my dog?" If you share your life with one or even a few cuddly canine companions or cats, you’ve no doubt thought about the best type of floors to install in your home.

Laminate flooring can give you the incredible look and feel of hardwood while providing a longer lasting surface for your pets. Our laminate flooring doesn’t just wear incredibly well, it looks fabulous too! With today's technology used in the manufacturing stage, laminate is a more scratch resistant option than hardwood and most hardwood looks can be achieved with this budget friendly option.

If you’re interested in pet-friendly carpet, it’s a great idea to purchase carpet that's been treated with odor-preventing or stain preventing treatments. Because let's face it; sometimes even the best cat can miss the litter box, or the most well-trained dog can have an accident. Most pet owners report that their dog loves to curl up at their feet, and with the proper underpad, carpet is probably the most comfortable option for dogs. If you're a cat lover though, make sure to have extra scratch posts!

Luxury Vinyl Tile
LVT has been a game changer for the flooring industry. It comes in a wide array of style options and plank or tile sizes, giving you the look of hardwood or tile. Very resistant to scratches and dents, but warmer underfoot than classic porcelain tile, it's a happy compromise for everybody!

A resilient, classic flooring choice that can withstand the heavy wear-and-tear that’s common in an active, pet-friendly home. It offers all the warmth and beauty of hard surface flooring, but is very low-maintenance in comparison. While cork isn't the best option for bathrooms or moisture prone areas, it cleans up easily and will not absorb odors. Cork has a wood-like, elegant finish that stands up to spills, stains, and scratches, but is smooth enough to not trap fur, dander, or other allergens.

Think tile beats all other choices due to its resiliency and ease of cleaning? Guess again! Though tile is one of the world’s oldest flooring materials and remains a popular surface in modern homes, tile isn't recommended for households in need of pet-friendly flooring. Tile is natural, durable, and water-resistant, but it is also cold, hard, and slippery when wet.

Whether you share your home with a cat, a dog, or any combination of furry, feathered, or scaled friends, it’s makes sense to consider which the best flooring option is for your home. These are just some of the many flooring options that await you inside Floors Now. Visit today and let us help you choose the right floor for your home and your family.


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