5 Ways to Have Your Home Feel More Rustic


If you're thinking about how you can add value to your home, look no further than your flooring decisions. Today, a lot of people are choosing to go for the rustic look.

To this end, it pays to consider some rustic decorating ideas that will make your floors come to life. These rustic flooring ideas will carry you far, whether this is for your long-term home, vacation home, or rental property. Use the tips below to get what you need. 

Consider Some Great Stone Options

Stone flooring can be great because of its durable material and great color. Stone also immediately adds value and equity to your home.  There are lots of different stone flooring types, including marble, porcelain, and terrazzo. By using these stone options, you'll have different ways to decorate your household and each room within it!  Look into the flooring professionals that can help you with these installations.

Pick the Best Type of Wood

Choosing to install rustic hardwood floors can be a great idea. If you are going the rustic route, consider plank flooring, red oak, and Brazilian cherry. Wood flooring gives you so many decorative options and adds some style and class to your home. 

Buy an Animal Rug

Taking the time to shop for rugs will truly give a rustic look to your household. The bearskin rug is iconic when you think about living in a comfortable piece of property. There are plenty of animal and faux animal rugs you can look into, to include zebra, sheep and Dorian cowhide. These rugs will add lots of decorative flair to your floors, whether you set them up in the living room, dining room or elsewhere. 

Choose Decorations and Color Schemes That Count

So much of your decorative flooring decisions depend on the color schemes that you go with. Because of this, make sure that you do your due diligence and work with designers that can help. You might want to choose some natural flooring colors that are bold, yet understated. You can also bring old floors to life by adding a nice polish or stain to your wood flooring or shampooing your carpets. 

Go Vinyl or Laminate 

Finally, vinyl flooring is an excellent option when you'd like to upgrade the floors in your household. You'll love vinyl flooring because it is quieter and less expensive. Likewise, laminate flooring is inexpensive but can give you the appearance of materials that are far more expensive. For instance, many people install laminate flooring that looks strikingly similar to actual wood floors. These laminate floors will hold up over time without you having to put in the maintenance that you do for wood flooring. 

Consider These Rustic Decorating Ideas For Your Floor.

Following these rustic decorating ideas for your flooring will carry you far. No matter what kind of flooring you need, our company has the inventory to make changes in your household. Contact us to request a quote today!

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