The Style In Utile Carpet Tiles!

At Floors Now, we have all the products that make your floors look great! Introducing Utile Carpet Tiles, they're an innovative carpet tile that is changing the way you see flooring. Utile carpet tiles come in a wide array of styles, are easy to install, and are backed with a lifetime warranty, plus, they're made in Canada! What's not to love!?

Utile Carpet Tiles can be installed over many different types of flooring surfaces, including concrete, laminate, hardwood and vinyl. You can even layer the carpet tiles over wall to wall carpet for additional protection, to make a statement, or ground an open floor plan. The installation is one of the best features of the tiles, and if you're looking for a low maintenance flooring option, look no further! These durable carpet tiles are a breeze to install, they can be loose laid, or you can use the easy peel and stick U-tape system to give the tiles extra stability for high traffic areas.

Unlike other flooring types, you don't need adhesive to install. You can simply use a utility knife, a square, and a tape measure to get the perfect fit. Because it's such an easy installation process, it's great for those that love to DIY, and you can literally get it done on the same day you bring the tiles home. In the case of a single tile becoming stained or damaged, owners of busy households will be thrilled at the prospect of being able to simply replace one tile rather than the whole floor. It's that easy!

That being said though, Utile Carpet tiles come with an amazing lifetime warranty that covers deterioration, delamination, and dimensional stability. The tiles are made with naturally stain-resistant fibers that don't absorb moisture, easily avoiding most spills and stains. They're also made to hold their structure, meaning from the PermaFuse backing to the fiberglass core and even the carpet fibres themselves, each individual layer is engineered for superior results that won't deteriorate over time. These layers have been fused together to increase stability, making them a great flooring choice for households with kids, pets and the elderly.

If that isn't enough, the modern and stylish pattern and colour choices that Utile comes in makes it the perfect indoor flooring choice for both residences and offices. You can combine different colours, or orient the tiles in a unique way to get different patterns that look suitable for any room or decor. The design flexibility is virtually endless!

In each box of Utile Carpet Tiles, you receive 21 square feet per box, so you can pick up as much or as little as you need for your flooring project. Another great feature is that unlike traditional carpet, the tiles fit into any little nooks your floor plan may have, leaving much less waste than if you have to cut one piece of carpet from a large roll.
We're the exclusive carriers of Utile Carpet Tiles; visit our products page or visit us at any of our Floors Now locations to see the style in person! 

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