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With the many choices available in tile, homeowners are sure to find plenty of options that will look perfect in their homes. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles can look great in any number of settings, and they both perform well under various conditions. As a classic material that is still highly regarded in modern construction, tile in older homes can look every bit as good as it does in more contemporary homes. Aside from looks, tile is also one of the strongest and most versatile home improvement items around; able to go where other materials cannot, it is particularly well suited to moist environments like kitchens and bathrooms. Ceramic floor tile comes in many colours, finishes, and sizes – there's little need to worry about finding a variety that will look good in your home.

Ceramic tile is made from natural materials that give way to unique characteristics. Natural stone, such as slate, granite or limestone, is (naturally) formed with no two pieces exactly alike; this gives floors a distinctive elegance. Whether it be a simple layout or a decorative patterned design, tile is important in defining the character of the home. The simple geometric design makes tile easy to put together in different sized spaces and diverse home styles, and explains much of the popularity of tile. The extensive range of colours, textures, sizes and styles will allow you to reflect your personal style, to create a living space that is a true reflection of you, your lifestyle, and your design tastes.

Tile is a great creative medium for interior designers and home stylists who want to add character and customization to a space. Sizes and colours can be mixed and matched to create unique patterns. Use tile to create spatial boundaries or to draw attention (or footsteps!) a particular direction.

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