Your Colour Says It All

Deciding on a new fresh colour of paint in your home can seem a tad daunting, but you can find great satisfaction in tackling anything from the smallest jobs like accessories in your home to painting an entire theme inside and out.

It’s definitely safe to establish what the exterior of your house looks like and what are the colours and tones you use to make the exterior statement. But once you walk through the front entrance of your door, you are going to want to make everything about your entrance to be a fluid continuum of top featuring colours that expresses all that you love and breathe.

I don’t recommend taking on this task alone. As well, I encourage you to contact your local paint shop and ask for the assistance you will likely need. As we know, swatches are something we can’t possibly ignore when it comes to dreaming ideas into home and exploring all the fascinating colours, hues, and tones that are available today.

When selecting a special colour you may want to try alternate ways of deterring a preconceived colour is just what you thought it was. One easy peasy way to handle this is to refer to this link from Behr paint selector. It comes with fine ideas in paint or stain for the exterior and interior of your home.

Choosing Colours For The Home Interior

When it comes to choosing the appropriate colour arrangement of your home, there’s a myriad of ways in approaching this effectively. Begin with the colours that inspire you. As there are exceptions to this, your core inspiration needs to shine through. As design trends would have it, here are some colour design tips to start you up:

1. Pick earth tones as they are especially best for your quest. A fine derivative of nature.
2. More recently light or white colours, tones and hues are terrific, particularly for continuity.
3. Colours that are bright or textured work well for a featured wall but not in a bedroom.
4. By not having a featured wall, you may open up and enlarge your rooms altogether.

Prior to choosing your colours and complimentary tones, try this:

5. Test out the natural light in every room throughout the day.
6. What would flatter or compliment the natural light of day?
7. What indoor lighting would you consider with this choice colour?

For the larger picture, you want an overall tone for the home. That’s where continuity is important.

8. Test out the angle of every room looking beyond the door to see what colour continuity you would like in the hallway, foyer and up/down the stairs. This will determine your continuity colour from top to bottom adding more complimentary tones to the big picture.

Don’t forget to consider colours that suit your mood, lifestyle and environment.

9. What statement would you like to make?
10. What is the mood you want in any room? i.e. Living room, kitchen or bedroom.

There are oodles of examples to inspire you when decorating and remodelling your home. If you need assistance with your flooring decisions in order to match colours more specifically, visit any one of our store locations and check out this amazing list of top brands with Floors Now. Our associates will be most happy to give their expertise. Our Pinterest page is a great source of inspiration consisting of many Floors Now brands and suppliers. In addition, you'll find more curation from the best in home design magazines. Take a look at any visuals for home living and see for yourself.

Stay tuned for more helpful tips for the remake of your home. May you pick the finest selection of colour for your abode and have fun doing it!

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